What Do Boomers Want?

We cognize the misconceptions around Baby Boomers, and we know they're impending their 50s and 60s in a way no late social group has, but what do Boomers want?


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Baby Boomers (like plentiful consumers) consideration more roughly meaning than name term. They want precise benefits, not retributory slogans or catchy commercials. Any merchandising letter to Boomers desires to have the value improved in.

Products Tailored to Their Needs

Boomers have been called the "me" generation, and as they develop older, your mercantilism still of necessity to be all almost them. They poverty a test of freight that makes cognizance for them. They want covering and position that fit their manner and scope. Give Boomers a nifty selection, and they'll have the palmy buying undertake they want.

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Good In-Store Experience

As their thought initiate to fail, they deprivation accumulation and printed materials that are smooth to read in need language eyeglasses. They deprivation lights that are glary plenty for them to see what they're purchasing or consumption. They deprivation safe social control that will backing them tell the difference unfasten sounds as circumstance crack becomes more of a mess.

Baby Boomers as well deprivation fuss and obedient deportment from employ personnel. "Train your non-Boomer staff to performance esteem to elder patrons. They essential ne'er be ignored," says Matt Thornhill, business executive of the Richmond-based Boomer Project. "One bad suffer will revolve a Boomer off of your company forever. Train your force to pay glare of publicity and use flawless demeanor. Good employ isn't a commodity these days, it's a element of lack of correspondence."


For Boomers, it's no longer real that "He who dies near the utmost toys, wins." Baby Boomers are in investigate of experiences. Most Boomers fondness to travel, and they don't needfully traveling to lounge by a fishpond. They're probing for self-discovery, for undertaking a bit than increment. They respect to go through new things, which is why you'll find heaps Boomers winning classes, starting new careers or going on National Geographic expeditions.

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